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at the Castle Rock Community Recreation Center

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Class Ages: 18months-3 
Class Style: Parent Participation
Class Length: 30 Minutes
Day and Time: Saturdays 9:15-9:45am

Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me
(Summer Session)

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Class Description

Dance Exploration, LLC’s Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me™ classes at the Castle Rock Rec Center are a child’s first introduction to a structured dance and movement class. This 30 minute parent participation class is designed as an interactive, play-time dance class with a goal to introduce dance and movement to toddlers and preschool aged children ages 18 months to three years old. Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me™ follows the Dance to Learn® Curriculum a multi-sensory dance curriculum designed for the whole child. 


Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me™ classes run 6-10 weeks depending on session length. Within those 10 weeks parents and children learn 7 essential dance concepts: 

  • Action 

  • Space

  • Tempo

  • Sizes

  • Levels

  • Body Parts

  • Pathways

Although the Concepts explored change from week to week, the class structure remains the same! 

Class begins with group prop play with a parachute or stretchy band. Group props encourage full class participation in the activity at the same time. This makes class less stressful as everyone is participating at the same time and with the same expectations. 

Next we move onto single prop exploration with a musical instrument such as egg shakers or a prop such as a scarf. This is the time of class when parent and child can work together to listen to the song and follow instructions with their prop.

After prop exploration, we move onto an Active Listening activity that doesn't require a prop. Learning to listen to directions and follow instructions is a large part of a toddlers development. This activity involves a fun, upbeat and kid friendly song designed to get the entire class moving and grooving together! 

After the active listening activity, we take a moment to rest by cuddling with our Teddy Bears. This is a free activity with no rules or expectations. Just simply an opportunity to relax, cuddle and bond with our child. 

Next we explore a conceptual obstacle course with different stations designed to stimulate the senses! With stations focused on static balance, dynamic balance, vestibular stimulation, proprioception, eye-tracking, gross and fine motor skills, crossing the midline and more! 

Class winds down with some bubble play! 

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A Peek Inside

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