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at the Castle Rock Community Recreation Center

Class Ages: 3-5 

Class Style: Kiss and Go

Class Length: 45 Minutes

Day and Time: Tuesdays 4:30-5:15pm


Teddy Bear Hip Hop

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Class Description

Dance Exploration, LLC is excited to introduce our Teddy Bear Hip Hop Dance™ class. Based on the foundations of Jr Hip Hop, this class is designed especially for preschoolers to 1st graders. Founded on the principles of the ‘Dance to Learn!’® Curriculum and the 6 Methods of Dance™, our Teddy Bear Hip Hop Dance™ Class is designed to teach the whole child. Each month, we pick a new storybook theme to keep classes and activities new and exciting each week. As part of the ‘Dance to Discover!’™ Method, our themed classes will help children associate the skills learned in class with day to day learning and easy association and conceptualization of the steps for better mastery. Teddy Bear Hip Hop Dance™ is an introduction to the urban street styles of dancing known commonly as Hip Hop. What makes the class unique is in the execution of the deliverance of dance steps. Each move will be taught using a stuffed animal, like a teddy bear, or similar prop to easily teach break dance moves and other hip hop genres. As classes progress dancers will be asked to perform dance moves that replicate a real life creature or event. For example when teaching isolations or robotics, we may utilize the imagery of a scarecrow to better teach the concepts. The utilizing of play-based and imaginative learning is part of the Story Dance Exploration™ part of class. The skills and movements taught will be age appropriate and will test their motor development as well as their spatial awareness all part of the ‘Dance to Move!’™ Method. The class begins with warming up the muscles with stretches, isolations (moving one body part separately from the others), and fun rhythmic patterns and play. All warm ups will include a ‘Prop of the Day’ which will base the theme of the class. During across the floor activities, dancers will complete Story Dance Pathways™ these themed obstacle courses will focus on one or multiple hip hop dance moves. Dance moves are age appropriate and as such are more “creative” and “imaginative” at this level. Dancers will be challenged to create their own moves to help tell a story or recreate a concept as part of the ‘Dance to Create!’™ Method. The Terpsichore Literacy Program™ is included in Teddy Bear Hip Hop Dance™ Class. This reading readiness program will allow students to explore children’s literacy stories, characters and plots. Dancers work in groups with their peers to further develop their ability to learn manners, patience, and other important life skills as part of the ‘Dance to Accept!’™ Method. Each Teddy Bear Hip Hop Dance™ class will learn a combo or dance routine to be performed at the Graduation. Combos are taught for mastery of skill and are challenging enough to encourage motivation and determination. Teachers follow a “Yes!” Environment where the children feel comfortable and safe working with both their instructor and their peers. Educators also encourage children to make the right choices and nurture their self expression. As part of the ‘Dance to Express!’™ Method, all classes end with a free-style circle where kids are challenged to show off their best dance moves while their peers cheer them on! Teddy Bear Hip Hop™ includes the Dance Exploration, LLC ‘Dance to Learn!’® at Home with Me™ Program.

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Dance Exploration’s Teddy Bear Hip Hop class is a preschooler’s introduction to hip hop dance. Preschoolers are invited to dance, learn and grow in a positive environment with a friendly dance instructor. Classes begin with introducing the concept where dancers visualize dance Concepts and then dance them out throughout class. Next Dancers warm up with fun stretches, cardio and movements that will be explored throughout class. Dancers practice and perfect movements during the developing skills part of class. Once perfected, all the movements are linked together to tell a story. We call this the Story-Dance Pathway™️. This is an interactive, play-based obstacle course that challenges each dancer to remember each part of the sequence. This important skill teaches the foundation of choreography. Dancers in the Dance Exploration Teddy Bear Hip Hop Classes grow emotionally and socially as they interact, entertain and enjoy dancing and playing with their peers. We can’t wait to welcome your child into the Dance Exploration family! 

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Teddy Bear Hip Hop

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