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Castle Rock Dance | Dance Exploration
Castle Rock Dance Showcase

The Town of Castle Rock Dance Program provided through Dance Exploration - hosts 2 Dance Showcases a year! One in May (Castle Rock Dance Annual Spring Showcase) and the Second in December (Castle Rock Dance Annual Winter Showcase). 

The Castle Rock Dance Showcase is a FREE Performance opportunity for all dancers who are enrolled by Spring Break (Spring Showcase) or Fall Break (Winter Showcase). Participation is always optional, yet highly encouraged!

Dance is a Performance based activity, therefore providing our dancers with an opportunity to Perform and share what they have learned with friends and family is extremely important to us and our Castle Rock Dance Families!

What do I need to Know about the
Castle Rock Dance Showcase? 

Tiny Ballerinas perform for their families at the Castle Rock Dance Showcase

Castle Rock Dance Families whom are enrolled in a Dance Exploration class will receive all Castle Rock Dance Showcase updates via email and through their Class Parent App. The information shared here is for families considering making the Castle Rock Dance Program their choice for their child's dance education!


A Ballerina poses at the end of her showcase dance.

Any child that is enrolled in a Town of Castle Rock Dance Class by Fall Break (Fall/Winter Session) or Spring Break (Winter/Spring Session) is eligible to Participate in the Annual Castle Rock Dance Showcase presented by Dance Exploration!**

Participation is always optional, but highly encouraged. This is the chance for our Castle Rock Dance Families to witness and celebrate all that the Dance Exploration Kids have learned throughout their Dance Journey!

Registered families will receive an email to opt into the Castle Rock Dance Showcase Performance!

**Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me Classes do not perform**


Tickets & Seating

The Castle Rock Dance Showcase hosted by Dance Exploration is a FREE event open to all registered families of the Fall/Winter and Winter/Spring Castle Rock Dance Sessions to participate in. 

We do not sell tickets for the event or have assigned seating. We believe that because Dance is a Performance Activity, a Performance should be included - not an extra fee or a financial burden to our families! 

The Castle Rock Dance Showcase is a celebration of all the children enrolled in the Castle Rock Dance Program!

A dancer waves ribbon scarves and smiles at her dance showcase.


A dancer wears a lobser head band and tap shoes while smiling for her dance showcase.

Dance Exploration always puts the Developmental-Needs of our dancers FIRST. That's why we do not order Dance Costumes or require our dancers to wear Dance Costumes to the Castle Rock Dance Showcase

In continuation of our Come As You Are Policy, we believe that our dancers will perform better in the clothing they are most comfortable in - that being what ever they wear to dance class! 

Additionally, to keep the Castle Rock Dance Showcase a FREE event for all our families, & to encourage participation from all our students, we do not believe in implementing Costume Fees  that would inevitably be required.



Rather than Costumes, each dancer who performs in the Castle Rock Dance Showcase will have a prop to dance with! 

Props are purchased through fundraising for our Electronic Brochure Business Ad Sales and Dancer Dedications. 

Dancers who participate in the Castle Rock Dance Showcase can keep their props. If they dance with a prop that belongs to Dance Exploration, they will be able to chose another prop that was purchased specifically for the Showcase. 

A ballerina smiles and points her foot as she dances with a ribbon wand.

Awards and Certificates

A dancers smiles with his certificate and trophy after his dance showcase.

The Castle Rock Dance Showcase is the time to celebrate our Dance Exploration Kids and recognize their hard work and accomplishments! That's why every child that participates in the Castle Rock Dance Showcase receives a Certificate for completing their Dance Session as well as a small award such as a Trophy or Medal! 

The Awards Ceremony takes place at the end of the Showcase so our audience, filled with our Castle Rock Dance Family, can applaud and congratulate each dancer for a job well done!

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