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Try A Castle Rock
Dance Exploration Class!

Try any of the Castle Rock Dance Classes offered by Dance Exploration at the Castle Rock Rec Center before you register! Please note, we only open up trial classes for the first 3 weeks of each new session. If a session is full, trial classes won't be available. If you sign up for a trial and cannot attend because registration sells out, you will be offered a transfer to another class. Trial Classes are $10/child. Upon registration in the class, the $10 is refunded back to you!

Try a Castle Rock Dance Class!

(ages 18months-3 + Caregiver)

Preschool Hip Hop and Breakdance classes at the Castle Rock Rec Center.jpg

(ages 3-5)

LPI-Dance Showcase 51923-019.jpg

(ages 4-7)

LPI-Dance Showcase 51923-061.jpg

(ages 6-10)

LPI-Dance Showcase 51923-012.jpg

(ages 3-5)

Dance Exploration _ Castle Rock _ Ballet Tap Combo

(ages 3-5)


(ages 8-10)

LPI-Dance Showcase 51923-007.jpg

(ages 6-10)

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