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Castle Rock Dance - Ballet/Tap Combo
  • Castle Rock Dance - Ballet/Tap Combo

    Dance Exploration’s Ballet/Tap Combo Class at the Castle Rock Community Recreation Center is a preschooler’s introduction to the graceful dance movements of ballet and the rhythmic and upbeat stylings of tap dance. Preschoolers are invited to dance, learn and grow in a positive, nurturing environment lead by a friendly and knowledgeable instructor. Classes begin in our learning circle where we explore the week's new dance concept. Next we begin with imaginative BrainDance warms up and stretches that allow the child to interact, imagine and play with their instructor and peers all while preparing their muscles and brain for class. Next dancers explore the daily theme or concept with a standing ballet movement activity that stimulates and strengthens their gross motor development. This play based exploration also stimulates their brain pathways as they continue the discovery of new concepts and principles through movement. Students get to practice and perfect individual dance movements during the Developing Skills part of class. Once perfected, they get to link all the movements together to tell a story! We call this the Story Dance Pathway. This an interactive, play based obstacle course that challenges the dancers to remember each movement in the sequence. This important skill teaches the basis of choreography. After ballet, we move on the tap portion of class where we switch our shoes and prepare for stomps, taps and shuffles all while continuing to explore our dance concept for the day. Dancers in the Dance Exploration Ballet/Tap Combo classes grow emotionally and socially as they interact, explore and experience dancing all while playing and learning with their peers. We can’t wait to welcome your child into the Dance Exploration Family!



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    • Wednesdays 4:00-5:00pm

      Saturdays 9:15-10:15am

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