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at the Castle Rock Community Recreation Center


Class Ages: 4-7 
Class Style: Kiss and Go
Class Length: 60 Minutes
Day and Time:
Wednesdays 5:05- 6:05 pm or Saturdays 



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In this video we use the Florrie Flamingo©️ Ballet Terminology Flash Cards to strategically place an obstacle course of Locomotor and Non-Locomotor Movements. The Extra Cards in the Florrie Flamingo©️ Flash Card deck are incorporated into the obstacle course. Our first obstacle is a Locomotor Bourrée March in a Zig Zag pattern through the flash cards. Next the dancer performs a Non-Locomotor Piqué Turn ending in arabesque. Next the dancer performs Locomotor (travelling) piqué turns through a line of Florrie Flamingo Flash Cards. Her next non-Locomotor movement is a Coupé. She leaps to final non-Locomotor movement, a Plié Passé.

A Peek Inside

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