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Peek Inside: Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me Dance Class at the Castle Rock Rec Center!

Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me classes at the Castle Rock Recreation Center are the Stepping Stones of Dance! These introductory to dance classes introduce toddlers ages 18 months to age 3 to dance education with the guiding hand of their parent or caregiver. In the Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me classes, we meet the children where they are, this means class is designed to flow at their own pace. Some children may take to dance classes immediately and find themselves fully independent from their parent or caregiver while others may be held by their parent or caregiver throughout class. Don't worry moving and dancing while holding your child is actually GREAT for stimulating and developing their vestibular system! No matter where your child is in their development and readiness to dance, this class is for them!

The Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me dance class is rooted in play! We believe in the power that play has on learning. Child development experts have argued that play based activities involving movement is essential for children to develop foundational skills for school and life. This also stimulates them in growing physically, mentally and developing traits such as independence, self-esteem and resilience.

Some ways we encourage independent play in the Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me classes in by providing numerous props throughout class! For example, one prop a mom may find in her prop kit is a pair of egg shakers. While your Dance Educator will lead you in an egg shaker activity, your child may also choose to continue to play with the egg shaker during the scarf play activity or even during the active listening activity. Allowing our students the freedom and independence to make these decisions during class is fostering their independence, confidence and independent problem solving skills. Moms are encouraged to take their child's lead if they don't decide to follow the activity precisely as demonstrated. As long as everyone is safe, their really are no rules.

Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me at the Castle Rock Recreation Center teaches caregivers and students the foundational concepts of dance. There are 15 dance concepts that we learn in the Dance Exploration program. Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me participants will learn 8 of the 15 Dance Concepts!


Action is the first Dance Concept, it refers to a body in action (moving) vs in-action (stationary). In Dance you may hear these terms referred to as locomotion (moving) and non-locomotion (stationary). We explore Action in Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me with stop and go games such as freeze dance.








Learning the Dance Concepts help our dancers apply what they learn in dance class into real-world situations. For example, maybe in the car they begin to recognize the airplane is flying HIGH in the sky. Or they recognize the car is traveling down a CURVY road. Or they recognize when the car is stopping vs when it's going (ACTION)! Children learn best through moving their body's and sensory input! A well rounded dance class for your child should include conceptual integration, the use of multi-sensory props and fun and lively action songs!


AGES: 3-5

LOCATION: Castle Rock Community Recreation Center

2301 Woodlands Blvd, Castle Rock CO


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