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Dance for the CREATIVE Child

Dance for the 💚 CREATIVE CHILD 💚 Dance has been proven to develop CREATIVITY. Imagine your child in his bedroom pretending to be a dinosaur. He's probably "Roar"-ing and stomping with big feet and holding his hands up ferociously. His CREATIVITY and imagination can be fostered even more through creative dance education exercises.

How does Dance Exploration develop the 💚 CREATIVE CHILD 💚 ? At Dance Exploration, we follow a specialized Curriculum called Dance to Learn ® which is a a developmentally appropriate dance curriculum designed with the whole child in mind.

The Dance to Learn ® Curriculum follows a 4 Pillar Methodology to ensure we are captivating all of the students who enter our program. This Methodology ensures every child that enters our program will grow and develop more EXCEPTIONAL after every class.


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