at the Castle Rock Community Recreation Center

Class Ages: 6-12 

Class Style: Teacher Lead

Class Length: 60 Minutes

Day and Time: Tuesdays 5:20-6:20pm


Hip Hop

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Dance Exploration’s Hip Hop Classes explore 5 different styles within this popular urban dance genre. Students explore breakdancing, pop n’ lock, tutting, stomping and robotics. Hip Hop classes will test your child’s strength, stamina, and self-confidence as they learn and master new dance movements through a safe and age-appropriate progressive style of teaching. Students also learn the history, terminology and about the great hip hop dancers who have influenced this modern dance style. Students in the Dance Exploration Hip Hop program will get the opportunity to Dance to Express and Create as they learn the elements of choreography. They showcase this learning by devising an 8-16 count phrase of movement for their end of session showcase performance all with the help of their nurturing Dance Educator.

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