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A little girl smiles and sits in mommy's lap as she shakes her eggs in her toddler dance class


with me!

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...Dance, Learn & Grow Together!!

Ages 18months - 3 + Caregiver

A mommy andsmiling daughter are ready to dance



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Today is Dance Day! As you and your toddler arrive at the Cantril School Building in Castle Rock, your little one is cooing with excitement for another week of dance! Walking into the sun-lit building, little voices and laughter fill the air. Your Dance Exploration educator welcomes you with a friendly smile.

Making your way into the dance classroom, you gather around a parachute. We're learning about levels today! Taking the parachute high and low and all around, wiggles and giggles abound. Now it's time for our favorites—Egg Shakers! Shake them over your head "high" and on the floor "low." Shake, shake, shake fast and slow!

What's next? Scarves! They go up and down and around. Throw them and watch them float to the ground. Now let's take a break with a cuddly teddy bear! Snuggling with your little one as you listen to them sing along brings you together.

Class is winding down, but excitement is growing, knowing it's time for bubbles! The pitter-patter of little toes fills the room as they jump and clap while the bubbles 'POP!' What another week of fun at Dance Exploration!

It doesn't stop here—your little one is so excited to see the coloring page they get to take home. A kite high in the sky and a picnic low on the ground! You can't wait to see your child's finished work of art!

Your Child's First Dance 


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should be: 

With You! Our research shows, your child can dance, learn and grow with YOU dancing with them!

Fun! We put the FUN in the Fundamentals of Dance!

Stress Free! Enjoy a Recreational,

Non-Competitive Environment!

Seasonal! Allows your family to enjoy other activities and enrichments!

Small! We only open our classes to 10 Children! This allows us to meet the needs of every child! 

Age & Stage Appropriate! We understand how children learn & grow! Our Dance classes grow with your child!

A little boy holds mommy's hands in his dance class

Taught & Trusted! Our Dance Educators are trained with years of professional dance and teaching experience! Allowing you to trust us with your child's dance education! 

Why Not 


into this Dance


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View our Fall Dance


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Imagine a dance class where caregivers and children aged 18 months to 3 years embark on a joyful journey of movement exploration together. We introduce the world of dance through playful activities like parachute games, stretchy band adventures, musical egg shakers, and scarf dances, all while fostering a deep bond between caregiver and child. With engaging props, kid-friendly tunes, and active listening exercises, we introduce 7-8 dance concepts in a way that feels more like fun than learning. It's an immersive experience that nurtures connection, creativity, and the sheer delight of movement—exactly what your child's first dance experience should entail.

A little girl smiles and claps in her mommy and me dance class

Castle Rock Moms Agree...

"The BEST dance 


in Castle Rock!" 

Let's Be


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