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A small dancer smiles and holds her hands on her hips


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...Dance, Learn & Grow

Ages 3-5

A dancer sits and smiles in her pink leotard and green butterfly wings



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Today is Dance Day! Your tiny dancer steps into the sun-lit Cantril School for their first Dance Exploration class. They are greeted by their instructor with a warm smile and a cheerful “Hello!” The bright studio is filled with friendly faces and toys, making your little one feel at ease.


The class begins with an imaginative warm-up in a circle where children interact with the instructor. Today’s theme is the Garden! Picture your preschooler pretending to be a butterfly, flapping their wings, stretching their arms to the sky, and bending low like a caterpillar. The room is filled with giggles and joy.

Next, the Dance Edventure truly begins. Your child and their friends explore dance through a story-based activity. They make caterpillars with their toes, twirl like cocoons, jump energetically, and fly with colorful scarves as butterfly wings. This blend of dance skills and storytelling helps them learn about dance and the world around them.

The excitement continues with a themed obstacle course. Dancers crawl through tunnels like caterpillars, step on caterpillar-shaped stones, twirl with ribbons to form cocoons, and jump over cones like emerging butterflies. They fly from one balance dome to another, mimicking butterflies in a garden.

As the class nears its end, your preschooler chooses a movement prompt from flashcards, moving and dancing creatively. They curl up like seeds, grow into flowers, dance out a rainstorm, and buzz like bees with their friends.

Finally, the class gathers in a closing circle. The instructor leads a cool-down routine, and children share their favorite part of the day. They receive a butterfly chrysalis coloring page to take home. With a final cheer and high-five, the class ends, and your child leaves with a smile, ready to share their dance adventure with you.

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Your Child's First Dance 


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should be: 

Fun! We put the FUN in the Fundamentals of Dance!

Stress Free! Enjoy a Recreational,

Non-Competitive Environment!

Seasonal! Allows your family to enjoy other activities and enrichments!

Small! We only open our classes to 10 Children! This allows us to meet the needs of every child! 

Age & Stage Appropriate! We understand how children learn & grow! Our Dance classes grow with your child!

Taught & Trusted! Our Dance Educators are trained with years of professional dance and teaching experience! Allowing you to trust us with your child's dance education! 

A little boy in his dance exploration class smiles and holds up a hula hoop

Why Not 


into this Dance


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Tiny dancers sit in their warm up circle and listen to a dance story

Imagine a dance class where young minds aged 3 to 5 embark on an immersive journey of movement discovery. In the Dance Exploration class, we dive into the world of dance through play-based adventures guided by the innovative Dance to Learn® Curriculum. From imaginative warm-ups to story-based skill exploration and an imaginative obstacle course that unfolds a new themed story each week, every moment is filled with excitement and growth. As the class culminates in a free dance exploration, children express themselves freely, fueled by their imaginations and the joy of movement. It's an immersive experience that sparks creativity, builds confidence, and lays the foundation for a lifelong love of dance—exactly what your child's first dance experience should entail.

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Castle Rock Moms Agree...

"The BEST dance 


in Castle Rock!" 

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