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...Cheer, Learn & Grow

Ages 3-5

Girls in the cheer Exploration recite their Sideline chants



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Today is Cheer Day! Your tiny cheerleader steps into the sun-lit Cantril School for their first Cheer Exploration class. They are greeted by their instructor with a warm smile and a cheerful “Hello!” The bright studio is filled with friendly faces and coloring pages and crayons, making your little one feel at ease.

We get to start Cheer Exploration with coloring and terminology! Today's lesson, What is a Cheer Squad? is explored through writing, coloring and discussions. 

The class moves into a warm up circle. Your cheerleader gets to stretch, jump and twirl with their new friends in a simple to follow along warm up lead by the Cheer instructor. Now it's time for Pom Poms! "Yay!" you can hear the cheerleader's excitement from the lobby! 

Your future cheer star learns some arm basics with the pom poms as they shake them in new ways! 

The class continues with some basic dance skills! Your little one will learn chassés, gallops, marches, kicks and leaps traveling across the floor with their friends. 

Next it's time for sideline chants! "Dance Exploration is where you wanna be!" you hear the cheerleaders shout from your spot in the lobby! It sounds like they are having a blast! 

Finally, the class gathers in a closing circle. The instructor leads a cool-down routine, and children share their favorite part of the day. They get to take home their Cheer Squad coloring page. With a final cheer and high-five, the class ends, and your child leaves with a smile, ready to share their Cheer adventure with you.

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Your Child's First Cheer 


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should be: 

Fun! We put the FUN in the Fundamentals of Dance!

Stress Free! Enjoy a Recreational,

Non-Competitive Environment!

Seasonal! Allows your family to enjoy other activities and enrichments!

Small! We only open our classes to 10 Children! This allows us to meet the needs of every child! 

Age & Stage Appropriate! We understand how children learn & grow! Our Dance classes grow with your child!

Taught & Trusted! Our Dance Educators are trained with years of professional dance and teaching experience! Allowing you to trust us with your child's dance education! 

A cheerleader smiles with her yellow pom poms

Why Not 


into this Dance


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A cheerleader smiles and poses with her blue and silver pom poms

Imagine a cheerleading class where little ones aged 3 to 5 dive into the world of spirited chants and high-energy routines for the first time. In Explore Cheer, we introduce the excitement of cheerleading through play-based adventures that ignite imagination and enthusiasm. From imaginative warm-ups to skill exploration guided by uplifting stories and upbeat music, every step is a leap towards confidence and coordination. As the class concludes with learning rhythmic sideline chants and dance skills, children beam with pride, embracing teamwork and the thrill of cheering with their peers. It's an immersive experience that fosters joy, builds camaraderie, and sets the stage for a lifelong passion for cheerleading—exactly what your child's first cheerleading experience should entail.  

Cheerleaders stand in a large circle and hold their pom poms in a high V

Castle Rock Moms Agree...

"The BEST dance 


in Castle Rock!" 

Let's Be


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