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A Castle Rock Dance


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DE Swoosh White.png

into a Dance 

...where Dance Education begins with Imagination!

Dance Exploration is a Castle Rock Dance Experience offered through the Town of Castle Rock's Arts and Enrichments Programs! We specialize in dance education through Imagination for girls & boys 10 years of age and younger!

Our Fall Dance


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is Opening 6/24/2024

Your Child's First Dance 


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should be: 

Fun! We put the FUN in the Fundamentals of Dance!

Stress Free! Enjoy a Recreational,

Non-Competitive Environment!

Seasonal! Allows your family to enjoy other activities and enrichments!

Small! We only open our classes to 10 Children! This allows us to meet the needs of every child! 

Age & Stage Appropriate! We understand how children learn & grow! Our Dance classes grow with your child!

Taught & Trusted! Our Dance Educators are trained with years of professional dance and teaching experience! Allowing you to trust us with your child's dance education! 


Why Not 


into this Dance


DE Swoosh White.png



DE Swoosh  Pink.png

Your daughter in her pink & ruffled tutu leaps & bounds out of the car after pulling up to the Cantril School Building in Castle Rock! It's time for her Dance Exploration class! Today she's reading and dancing to the story Florrie Flamingo's ABC's of Dance! She loves learning her Ballet Terminology with the other girls & boys in her class. She puts all the movements together in an obstacle course where she has to balance, leap & twirl! As you wait in the sun-kissed lobby, you hear the laughter of the girls & boys as well as the twinkling of the music. At the end of the class, she & her friends gallop out of the classroom to share their favorite part of class - which of course includes hugging the Florrie Flamingo stuffed animal! "I can't wait to come back next week!" she exclaims!

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Castle Rock Moms Agree...

"The BEST dance 


in Castle Rock!" 

Let's Be


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